Financial services made simple for the aligned professional.

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A chronic generational curse breaker ready to have your financial life reflect the beauty & uniqueness of your personal life

A new parent wanting to protect their families legacy by any means necessary

A seasoned professional ready to finally take their finances to the next level and retire w/ confidence

An artist or entrepreneur ready to invest your profits into a purposeful plan towards your future legacy

Regardless of where you're at in your life's journey, we've got something for you!

Does this sound like you?

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Kwesi Dreams

Lead Financial Broker

who we are
who we are

Financial Broker & Marketing Director

Mecca Dreams

An author turned money doctor. In the past, he was no stranger to poor financial decisions but vowed to turn every mistake he learned in his early 20's into lessons even the most seasoned professional can benefit from.

He takes our clients from worried to wealthy.

A recovering over spender with an obsession for thorough spreadsheets, beautiful art and a #mambamentality. She empowers communities all over the world to dive deeper into their financial habits & free themselves from financial anxiety.

No one's journey is picture perfect. If we can do it, so can you!

Our Services
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Layers of Protection

Our proven process will show you how you can protect your assets, build wealth and protect your family against unnecessary loss in the case of a sickness, emergency or unexpected accident.

Retirement Planning

We can help you diversify your long term savings outside of work through our highly coveted tax advantaged indexed strategies. We specialize in helping clients to lower future taxation and increase their retirement income with ease.

Business Coaching

For Aspiring Financial Brokers

Through our years of experience in the financial industry we've gathered a world of knowledge to be able to coach & lead the next generation of change makers in this field.

Ask us how you can get licensed and begin building your own agency!

Feedback from our Clients

Check the reciepts!

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"Thanks to my sessions with Kwesi and Mecca I feel confident in the financial path that I will be taking from here. I feel way more aware of the multiple ways I can be investing into in order to get my money to its best potential."

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"I feel way less stressed about starting late on my money journey. I also walked away with information I can start to talk to my partner about when it comes to our joint financial decisions"

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"I CAN DO THIS! I feel empowered to take charge of my finances and create the life of my dreams. I loved learning about fixed rate investment possibilities and understanding that stock market investments should be icing on the cake, not where ALL my money is!"

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Tim Sanders said it best, "your network is your net-worth." Do you have a community or small group of people that you believe would also benefit from our services? Contact us today for more information on how to book us to speak to your network or partner with the Alignment movement!